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A Lifestyle of Learning Approach to home education will free you from the burnout and boredom caused by following an irrelevant agenda for education! When your children were very young, they were excited about learning. Their excitement for growing in knowledge and skill was clearly seen every time they wanted to do something for themselves. You can restore that God-given drive to learn in your children, and in yourself too!

Traditional Education is concerned with teaching a prescribed, content-based curriculum divided into subjects and generically prepared for all students. This worldly agenda predetermines your child’s developmental timetable in the form of grade levels and the structure in which it all takes place—classrooms, assignments, and textbooks, which are teacher-driven. This form of “informational learning” that is supposed to educate actually squashes the creativity and learning we desire to see in our children. As Homeschoolers we can easily fall into the trap of making education-related decisions based upon these unchallenged assumptions that we are supposed to be educating a certain way.

Lifestyle of Learning emphasizes biblical “transformational learning” where your child is educated from a base of relational principles, beginning with the attitudes, intentions and motivations of the heart toward people and toward their own learning process (the inside), and working toward your child acquiring academics, knowledge, and skills (the outside), according to his individuality. The child receives parental instruction for how to direct his own educational process. The love of learning and the drive to create and grow is restored and the children LOVE it, and they’ll learn way more than you could ever teach them!!

Lifestyle of Learning is not about how to make your current homeschool method more interesting, but about how to transfer Gospel principles of reconciliation into all the dynamics of educating your family when submitted to the Lordship of Christ through the influence of the Holy-Spirit. This unique approach combines principles of growth with principles of learning for a whole life education by maintaining a focus on what is central to life—your relationships.

Your children grow in Christlike relating habits throughout all of the learning process while they eagerly pursue the development of the learning tools through academic activity (growth toward the ability to read, write, calculate, learn and communicate well) and intellectual development (the ability to think right and convince others of right ways and thought processes).

Whether you’re just starting your home education journey, or you’ve been homeschooling for years, we know Lifestyle of Learning can change your life, and bring the fruit in your family’s education and relationships that you’ve been hoping for!


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"6 Lies Homeschoolers Believe
Do YOU Believe Them?"

If your children are showing signs
of disinterest in their education, you may
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• help for examining the fruit evident in your family if you are believing and acting on these lies.

• help for aligning your efforts with TRUE principles that work, so you can turn your children’s hearts toward their education!

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