Develop Vision for Your Family
with Bringing It Home audios
~ Begin with a Healthy Foundation ~

by Marilyn Howshall

set contains
1 eBook—Develop Vision for Your Family
2 Audios with Transcripts—Bringing It Home

One of the strongest contributing factors toward failure among the homeschool ranks is the lack of developing vision. Too many approaches, standards, and values are thought of as ‘givens’ in our secular, as well as church culture, causing the new homeschooler to proceed in harmony with those values like there is no tomorrow.

The message of this book carries with it a challenge for parents to thoughtfully consider their reasons for homeschooling, to define their dreams and goals for their family and to proceed in harmony with them. This book is for those who are serious about allowing God full access to their life for the purpose of accomplishing a restorative and/or a foundational work in their family. It will challenge you to look at the quality of your own education, family relationships, and current purpose. It is a detailed guide that will lead you to develop biblical family, homeschool, and lifestyle values and unfolding family vision.

Using personal examples from her own process, Marilyn helps you to determine if you are following the Holy Spirit or an ‘approach’ in your homeschool decisions. Then she specifically defines six related terms (destiny, vision, calling, purpose, goals, and planning) and takes you on a journey with her as she shows you how she acquired vision for her own family.

With sets of questions to guide you, she helps you to look at the fruit of your own life and determine what your hopes and dreams are for your family so you can begin to document a tangible plan for your homeschool that is in agreement with the hopes you hold in your heart. She then leads you to construct your own Family and Homeschool Mission Statement using her own as a model. She then takes it all a step further and shows how she set realistic goals that remained in harmony with her vision and describes the fruit that resulted from meeting those goals.

In the accompanying "Bringing It Home" audio set, Marilyn interviews 3 moms about their family vision, how they formed it, and how it directs what they do during their days. This is a very practical look at the processes of 3 moms, Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau, who each have a different age-set of children.

This interview comes loaded with practical insights, wisdom, and inspiration!

Set includes the book, two 1-hour audios, and their accompanying transcripts
(ebook-64 pages; transcripts-26 pages)

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