'Come Home' from Homeschool
with Bringing It Home audios

Marilyn Howshall


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'Come Home' from Homeschool
with Bringing It Home audios

This book will help you to set in place the lifestyle principles necessary that will provide a strong education and unfolding life-purpose for your family.

The first half of the message addresses the importance of the family’s lifestyle as a prime contributor to the parents’ ability to successfully impart biblical values to their children both by modeling and teaching.

The second part addresses more specifically many lifestyle issues regarding the activities in which we choose to engage outside the home that rob us of the opportunity to develop life-purpose. It challenges the homeschool mom to wisely proceed with her homeschool and lifestyle activity choices with the understanding that there is a tomorrow, and what we sow today will reap its fruit in due time.

A chart is provided to help you evaluate how time is being spent, and in turn come up with a plan to de-junk superfluous activity to prepare your home environment for quality learning.

In the accompanying "Bringing It Home" audio set, Marilyn interviews 3 moms about their home-centered lifestyle. She talks with them about their activities outside the home before they began Lifestyle of Learning™, and how they transitioned to a more home-centered lifestyle. They talk about the fruit in their families in both times. This is a very practical look at the processes of 3 moms, Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau, who each have a different age-set of children.

This interview comes loaded with practical insights, wisdom, and inspiration!

Set includes the book, two 1-hour audios, and their accompanying transcripts

(ebook-52pages; transcripts-35 pages)

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"I loved 'Come Home' from Homeschool! I was very encouraged after reading it! It has been so enjoyable to watch my two oldest girls laughing and talking now, which was not always the case before!" ~ Stephanie W

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