Get To Know Your Children
with Bringing It Home audios

Marilyn Howshall


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Get To Know Your Children with Bringing It Home audios

The Scripture says to “Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keep with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6 (TAB). To do this, we must know the child.

The message of this book carries with it a challenge for the homeschool mom to thoughtfully proceed on an adventure of becoming intimately acquainted with the peculiar bents and traits unique to each of her children. It is about enjoying the way God created each one, and allowing the nurturing of all the wonderful gifts He put inside of them. It will clearly show how you can develop God-designed purpose in your children while they are still young that can extend into vocational expression as they mature.

Marilyn uses examples from her son, John’s, life (up through the ages of 13 to 14) to show how many of his interests were sparked and allowed to develop because of the opportunity he was given to ‘focus.’ Focus is vision’s counterpart and a principle that must be present in the child’s daily training in order for his personal life purpose and vision to unfold. She is attentive to the peculiar traits and underlying motivations as they manifested through his interests. Knowing the child’s motivations will significantly contribute to the parents’ ability to direct his learning process and his future vocation. You will ‘see’ her son’s informal learning process unfold.

Next, she shows how her daughter, Kathryn’s, primary interest in horses was encouraged and developed throughout the seasons of her development, even though their family was never around horses. She then shows how this interest is being developed toward an entrepreneurial purpose and shares the answers to prayer and provision that came along the way.

Various types of notebooks, entrepreneurial, and apprenticeship structures are discussed using actual examples. Included are two completed charts that show at a glance how she developed many of her children’s interests through three seasons of their development. Also included is a blank chart to help you visualize a path of learning seasons for your own children. As you read, you may find yourself seeing your children with tender ‘eyes of love’ in deeper ways than ever before.

In the accompanying "Bringing It Home" audio set, Barbie and Marilyn interview 3 moms about their own upbringing and their opportunity to be known or to know themselves, and how they are doing differently for their children. They talk about the fruit of their relationships when they did not know their children well, and the fruit of their relationships since they are getting to know their children as unique individuals. This is a very practical look at the processes of 3 moms, Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau, who each have a different age-set of children. This interview comes loaded with practical insights, wisdom, and inspiration!

Set includes the book, two 1-hour audios, and their accompanying transcripts
(ebook-74; transcripts-36 pages)

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“Thank you so much for the Get to Know Your Children ebook and the Bringing It Home audios! I can see that my children are soooooo excited to just find that there are more desires in them, than there are hours for in the day! Ha! Yes, we are swimming in delight and gratitude!!!!! We are having SO much fun!! God has met SO many of our desires as individuals and as a family! I am humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude! I literally never knew life could be THIS RICH!! Thank you Marilyn for helping to open my eyes. I'm so beyond grateful for all the ways you've poured into my life!!!! My husband even said this last weekend that he could have never imagined how much our lives would be impacted by this!! Oh my!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!" ~ Teri P.

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