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The powerful written and audio testimony included has the potential to launch you forward full of hope and faith for your relationships with God and with your family.

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Complete Set Contains:

Parenting Evaluation

Empowering the Transfer of
Moral Values and Faith, ebook

ETMVF Testimonies, audios

"Remembering Ellen", audios and transcripts

Love's Actions, ebook

Love's Actions "Patience" Seminar, audio and transcript

"Empowering the Transfer of
Moral Values and Faith," ebook

This book answers the question: How can parents effectively transfer their moral values and faith to their children, forming moral character in them while at the same time promoting true discipleship to Christ? 

Marilyn reveals how God wants to work in your life to equip you to effectively train your children’s moral character in heart-level righteousness through relational discipleship.

Throughout the book, Marilyn tells her own personal stories of how God got her attention, gave her moral clarity, and taught her how to pass it to her children, forming true Christlike character in them.

"Remembering Ellen", audios and transcripts

Chapter 9 of ETMVF tells the heart-warming and inspiring story of Barbie Poling’s mother who, when in an advanced stage of Alzheimers Disease, experienced a miraculous reconciliation. Ellen was reconciled with her daughter, then with her grandchildren and other family members, with her own past, and eventually with Jesus before she went home to be with Him four years later.

The set of three 1-hour audios of “Remembering Ellen” (with transcripts) were made to capture the spirit of this testimony of reconciliation.

As Marilyn and Barbie fondly recall the events that surrounded Ellen’s transformation, you will be blessed with heart-warming inspiration for your own family relationships along with instruction about the Ministry of Reconciliation as explained in 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.

Love’s Actions, ebook
—A Helpful Companion Tool to ETMVF
~ compiled by Marilyn Howshall ~

This book is a compilation of all the descriptions of loving relational behavior found in the New Testament. Along with the author’s summaries and practical parenting examples, it promises to be a valuable tool toward educating your conscience about what is loving, and what is unloving.

1 John 4:7-8 says that love comes from God, and everyone who loves is born of God, but those who do not love don’t even know God. You don't have to be among the many Christians who are deceived, believing they know God, yet continue in their unloving and self-serving relational behaviors, showing that in reality they don't yet know Him. Meditation and study on Love’s Actions will help you see your habitual unloving ways more clearly so you can begin to reconcile your relational conduct to God’s ways, leading you toward a deeper walk with Him that will in turn form deeper bonds with your family.

ETMVF Testimony, audios

At the end of each chapter, you will follow the story of another couple, Tim and Barbie Poling, who came to understand what God wanted to do in them and chose to cooperate so they could turn around the moral culture of their home. Today they are successfully transferring their moral values and faith to their children.

Barbie and Tim were asked a series of questions by Marilyn Howshall about the sobering and miraculous work God did in their hearts and relationships when they first began hearing the message of reconciliation. These two hours of testimonies were shared at a live conference given by Marilyn Howshall in May, 2010. The testimonies are given in brief in Marilyn Howshall's ETMVF book.

Love's Actions "Patience" Seminar,
audios and transcripts

In this first of 12 Love's Actions audio seminars, Barbie Poling gives very practical examples of actions a person needs to stop and start doing in order to become patient. The examples are specific to what patience looks like in a marriage, what it looks like between siblings, and what it looks like in a parent. Barbie also talks about God's patience with us.

Each Love's Actions audio is around an hour long, and includes a transcript for those who prefer to read, or read along. In each Seminar, Barbie Poling brings to you a thorough explanation and discussion of one of love’s actions taken from Scripture. She provides an expanded definition taken from the dictionary, and uses many clear illustrations of what a particular love’s action would look like worked out in real life.

Complete Set of Accompanying Materials
including the eBook and Parenting Evaluation

Save the price of the ebook!—$76.85

More about Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith

Have you been seeing the trends of teenagers
raised in Christian homes rebelling against their parents,
young people making decisions against their parents' wishes
and advice, and young Christian marriages ending in divorce?

Will the religious upbringing you’re providing for
your children be enough to stem the tide?

Your children may like going to
church, but do they love the Lord?

Christian friends seem like a good thing, but are
your children developing meaningful
relationships within the family?

What is the moral culture of your home?

Morality is about the habitual manners or conduct and personal behavior of people in relation to one another as social beings whose actions have a bearing on each other’s rights and happiness, and with reference to right and wrong. And so, morality is about our customary actions in how we treat other people, whether those actions are good or bad. If morality is the quality of how people relate with each other, then immorality can be detected in all of our relational patterns of behavior like these situations below.

"I have 3 teenage boys and I am pretty sure they are smoking. I have mentioned this to them in the past but they have denied it. I have not seen them doing it, but can usually smell it and they act suspicious, especially the 14-year-old. Should I threaten the older two with no driving privileges? I have always had a good relationship with my boys, they were very good when they were little, but now they are pulling away from me as teenagers..."

"Our 10-year-old son has pride and anger issues and a victim mentality. My son will do something that my husband corrects him for much less graciously than he could. My son does not accept the correction graciously. Anger escalates on both sides and it is never a pretty scene. Each time this happens I feel helpless, because I cannot take sides. In my heart I feel that my son is being driven away. I know my husband is provoking him and it tears me up inside. If I try to talk to my husband about it later, it usually doesn't turn out well. My husband believes that his anger is justified, because my son should not treat him disrespectfully. Anger and punishment is not improving his attitude..."

"I want my kids to be motivated to do other things than going to the pool, hanging out with friends, chatting on Facebook with their Christian friends and watching movies. If I say no to these things it seems like they are still focused on them. I would love to see them spend more time developing the gifts God has placed in them or using those gifts to touch someone's life,but I can’t seem to motivate them. I’m getting so tired of their complaints: 'I would like public school better than being homeschooled.' 'How long are you going to read to us for? Are you done yet?!' I have punished them for complaining but I don't know if this is getting to the root of this issue..."

Does God’s word tell us how to disciple our children?

Are you allowing immorality to reign unchecked
in your home? In yourself?

Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith promises to be eye-opening and life-changing for all serious Christians, parents, young couples, and single adults whose desire it is to embody the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His influence in your heart and life will transform you into an effective influence in the hearts and lives of others, beginning with your own precious children. This book informs parents of actions to take now to become better parents. Equipped with new understanding of how God works in you, He will enable you to bring His moral standard into your home, and empower you to transfer moral values and faith to your children.

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