ETMVF Supplemental Audios and Transcripts

by Marilyn Howshall and Barbie and Tim Poling


Supplemental materials for Marilyn Howshall's book, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith include Audio Testimonies and Remembering Ellen Audios and Transcripts.

ETMVF Testimony Audios

Barbie and Tim were asked a series of questions by Marilyn Howshall about the sobering and miraculous work God did in their hearts and relationships when they first began hearing the message of reconciliation. These two hours of testimonies were shared at a live conference given by Marilyn Howshall in May, 2010. The testimonies are given in brief in Marilyn Howshall's ETMVF book.

Remembering Ellen Audios and Transcripts

Chapter 9 of ETMVF tells the heart-warming and inspiring story of Barbie Poling’s mother who, when in an advanced stage of Alzheimers Disease, experienced a miraculous reconciliation. Ellen was reconciled with her daughter, then with her grandchildren and other family members, with her own past, and eventually with Jesus before she went home to be with Him four years later.

The set of three 1-hour audios of “Remembering Ellen” (with transcripts) were made to capture the spirit of this testimony of reconciliation.

As Marilyn and Barbie fondly recall the events that surrounded Ellen’s transformation, you will be blessed with heart-warming inspiration for your own family relationships along with instruction about the Ministry of Reconciliation as explained in 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.

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