Lifestyle of Learning™ Binder Packet

Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling


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Product Description:

Lifestyle of Learning™ Binder Packet,
31 Page Set of Notebook Pages

(for you to fill with your own content)

My Education ~ Instruction Sheets
My Education ~ Dictionary Definitions
My Education ~ Bible Verses
My Education ~ Notes and Revelations
My Child’s Interests
   (title page for a section about your child’s interests)
Two-Pronged Education Myth
   (title page for your purchased eArticle)

Transformational Education (title page for your purchased eBook)
The Biblical Science, Art, and Tools of Learning, WWOL 1 (title page for your purchased eBook)
The Unit-of-Life™ Learning Model, WWOL Book 2 (title page for your purchased eBook)
The Life Message™ Learning Model, WWOL Book 3 (title page for your purchased eBook)
Seasons—God’s Time-Design WWOL, Book 4 (title page for your purchased eBook)
My Journey in Search for the Way (title page for your purchased eBook)
Printed Blog Posts from Lifestyle of Learning™ blogs (title page)
Audio Notes / Transcripts (title page)


  • cover sheet to slip into your own 3-ring binder
  • sheet of labels to put into your own section dividers
  • instruction sheets for each suggested section
  • 5 brief eArticles about reading and study by Marilyn Howshall

    Practical Activities for Exercising the Learning Tools
    12-Step In-depth Study Guidelines (using the 5 learning tools)
    How I Tackle a New Subject (when reading a book)
    Instructions for Reading Assignments and Self-Evaluation Tool
    Article on Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

“The binder pack pages are really pretty and make it so easy to organize your learning process. The articles that come with it are wonderful and an extra added bonus! "

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