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Bringing It Home
~ Encourage Learning ~

by Marilyn Howshall

set contains
2 Audios with Transcripts—Develop A Lifestyle Routine


In this "Bringing It Home" audio set, Marilyn interviews three moms about their Lifestyle of Learning™ routine, how they formed it, and how it helps them move toward their vision for their family's education. This interview is a very practical look at the processes of Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau. They each have a different age-set of children and different circumstances from which they developed their routines.

These precious moms provide insight into their particular lifestyle of learning routine, how it is uniquely different from the way they homeschooled before, and what the fruit in their children's education and their family relationships has been since establishing a stronger lifestyle of learning routine.

This interview comes loaded with practical insights, wisdom, and inspiration!

We strongly encourage you to read Marilyn Howshall's book Develop a Lifestyle Routine before listening to these audios.

The set contains two 1-hour audios, and their accompanying transcripts
(transcripts-39 pages)

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