Wisdom's Way of Learning, 4 ebook set

Wisdom's Way of Learning, 4 book set Only $2.99!

Three components of learning to nurture in children to provide a healthy and complete education

"Seven natural vital signs" of the learning process to evaluate the effectiveness of your child’s education

Five tools of learning to nurture in your children, both informally and formally

• Seven non-traditional Homeschool educational approaches discussed, compared and contrasted

Biblical validation for ‘natural’ learning

• The product and the process of learning explained, discussed and compared in order to promote true and deep learning skills

• A whole new way to think about education, bringing freedom from the burden and pressure of just-like-school methods

In addition to the benefits of The Science, Art, and Tools of Learning, ebook 1:

• Recognize and encourage the common childhood activities that express the 5 tools of learning in an informal and natural way in younger children

• Discover how to direct maturing children to move their own education forward into a more formal expression of the learning tools

• Come to understand God's seasonal timeline for your family's education that is different from the just-like-school method of subject division and grade levels

"Wisdom's Way of Learning"
4 ebook set

Only $2.99 for the 4 ebook set!

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