New session started WWOL Book 2

Wisdom's Way of Learning
~ A Series of Four Books ~

by Marilyn Howshall

WWOL Book 2—The Unit-of-Life Learning Model—Nurture a Complete Informal Learning Process and Develop the Language Skills

This book presents a learning model that is naturally present in the lives of healthy people who love to learn. It will provide you wisdom and a measure of formal direction when guiding the many informal learning activities of your children. This message also explains the methodology behind the use of blank notebooks and will help you to harness the wonderful concrete events and abstract spiritual lessons of your child's real life for the subject matter needed to practice language and composition skills. The notebook method, as the author describes, is especially agreeable to a lifestyle of learning.

  • Introduces the unit-of-life learning model:
    1. Reading
    2. Collecting
    3. Recording
    4. Constructing Related Projects

  • Identifies six applications of notebook records:
    1. Reading & Writing Skills
    2. Booklet Building
    3. Records of Collections
    4. Records of Written Work
    5. Records of Projects
    6. Unit-of-Life Book Projects

  • Explains notebook “nuts and bolts”

  • Contains examples for how to develop
    notebook themes and ideas for many more:
    • Reading Record Book
    • Book Review Journal
    • Creative Writing Journal
    • Nature Collection Record

IMPLEMENTING A LIFESTYLE OF LEARNING—For a parent just beginning to implement Lifestyle of Learning principles at home, Marilyn provides wisdom through a structure of seven seasons for how to begin making needed changes in your family's education. Reading this book is especially helpful in season one and again in season seven.

(—66 pages—)

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