New session started WWOL Book 3

Wisdom's Way of Learning
~ A Series of Four Books ~

by Marilyn Howshall

WWOL Book 3—The Life-Message Learning Model—Develop Formal Study Skills

The life-message learning model for self-education consists of four simple learning activities that will prepare the older student for life with a biblical worldview and lead him into specific life-purpose, perhaps with a developing life-message that can be directed toward Christian ministry. Collectively working together, they are a goal-setting model that will give direction to delight-directed, formal learning activities that use the Bible as a primary textbook.

The four activities are:

  1. Reading
  2. Journaling
  3. Casual-Topical Bible Study
  4. In-depth Word Bible Study

This model will help you to develop a reading program for your family and to acquire vision for where you are leading your children. It is suitable for mature adolescents and adults and would provide a solid biblical foundation for those choosing to go on to college to major in the same area as that of their biblical studies. It is also highly suitable for stay-at-home moms who are just beginning to homeschool and have a need to become transformed by the renewing of their mind and changed from the inside out.

This is the model for self-education Marilyn used to search out what God had to say about ‘learning’ out of which her life-message was formed. She encourages you to seek the Lord about such a season for yourself, all to His glory!

IMPLEMENTING A LIFESTYLE OF LEARNING—For a parent just beginning to implement Lifestyle of Learning principles at home, Marilyn provides wisdom through a structure of seven seasons for how to begin making needed changes in your family's education. Reading this book is especially helpful in season one and again in season seven.

(—48 pages—)

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