Seasons: God’s Time-Design

Marilyn Howshall


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Wisdom's Way of Learning, book 4 of a 4 book set

Every plan needs a framework, and this book offers a wonderful, freeing, and biblically natural framework to hold your child’s primary learning disciplines. The seasonal Lifestyle of Learning framework consists of four seasons for planning long-term goals based upon a child’s stages of development, each with its unique set of disciplines that will progress the student from one stage to the next in the development of learning tools.

The seasons are:

  1. Preparing Stage (ages up to 9 years)
  2. Collecting Stage (ages 8-12 years)
  3. Thinking Stage (ages 11-16 years)
  4. Communicating Stage (ages 15 years and up)

The components of the framework include: four informal learning activities; four formal learning activities; and all the key language disciplines unique to each stage.

Perhaps the most important thing you can learn from this book is the value of seasons—to walk slowly, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in the timing for all the things you do for and with your children; to live less by the calendar and more by the timing of the Spirit in keeping with the child's development; to live less by perceived needs and more by the true needs of your children. You will recognize the need for patience and wisdom and you will want to get to know your children more deeply.

A life led by the Spirit within the context of seasons—God’s design for time will bring a unique quality of fruit that is soul-satisfying and more importantly will bring glory to God instead of to our own efforts. Marilyn’s hope is that you will learn to recognize the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit speaking His way to you as you seek to meet your children’s needs. This approach is a perfect opportunity for moms to address their own self-centeredness, allowing God to form Christlike character in them.

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