"Your Conscience" Mini Coaching Program

1st Mini Coaching Program in the
"Making Heart-Level Connections" series

In “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching program, “Your Conscience”, you will learn what happens when a child is left to his own resources and the results of ignoring the conscience in child training. You’ll be given six actions you can begin to take right now to reset your conscience and help your children to do the same. Marilyn Howshall and her co-laborer Barbie Poling will also help you to understand four primary disconnects you may be experiencing in your attempts to set things right with God and with your family relationships. Through a personal story you will be shown how you may have neglected a key action in your relationship with God and with family members that will—when taken—chase condemnation away forever, and begin to bring the healing process to your family relationships that will support a whole-life education. This program will leave you no doubt as to what God wants to do and how He chooses to work in your life so you can begin to cooperate with Him. We hope you will join us in this journey of hope toward experiencing the Good Lord’s parenting in your daily life that will support a whole-life education for your family. †

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Contents of "Your Conscience" Package:

• Evaluation Questionnaire

• 7-page eArticle, “Resetting Your Conscience”, by Marilyn Howshall
(in downloadable pdf format)

• 4-Hours Audio Discussions, questions answered, and specific direction
for connecting with the heart-level work of the Holy Spirit.
(in downloadable mp3 format)

• Private Facebook Discussions between the live pilot
program participants and Marilyn and Barbie
(87 pgs in downloadable pdf format)

• Follow-Up Questionnaire

• Suggested Order for Proceeding

**You might be tempted to skip filling out the questionnaire, but when you go through these programs, Marilyn strongly encourages you not to abort this vital step. In fact, our moms reported that it caused them to self-examine and see things about themselves they would have missed had they simply been listening to the audios, agreeing with the concepts only on a mental level. Filling out the questionnaires will help you connect to the responses and growth processes inside of you, so you can identify unhealthy ones. This preparation will lend so much more personal meaning when listening to the audios.**

This program has been well-received!
Here's what attendees are saying:

"After this first call, there is a new peace that has come over my soul. The Lord is fully meeting my needs. I am so excited to be in this place. It has been a very long time coming. I am so grateful that God's love is more than enough, that His heart is to forgive. I have been enabled to completely forgive. How grateful I am." ~ Becky

"I want to tell Barbie THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story of Marilyn's forgiveness! What a picture of God's love for us! I've never been forgiven this way! I love God, but never had a picture in my mind of how much He loves me! Beautiful!" ~ Leslie

"Barbie, your description of Marilyn's response to your asking her forgiveness for lying to her has touched something VERY deep in me. I am crying every time I think of it. Real tears that I can't stop. This is new and different for me. Thank You, Lord, for what You're doing here! I didn't know that I believed God was like me. He's NOT!!! Thank You, Lord! That belief was separating me from the forgiveness He has had for me all along. Now I'm really beginning to understand what freedom is. Oh, I praise You and thank You, Jesus!" ~ Ericka

"On the call I was crying with your illustration of forgiveness Barbie and Marilyn. It has stayed with me. The article was soooo good for putting more words and clarification to this process. I am sooo thankful for His love for me and guidance in reconciliation!! So thankful for Marilyn and Barbie parenting me from a distance. Praying blessings to you!! Hugs!" ~ Cynthia

"Since the first call, I never knew my conscience could be so sharp. I get poked if I even begin to clench my teeth. This is a good thing, because I see that I start to clench my teeth when I am about to speak in irritation or anger. I love that the Holy Spirit wants me to "Stop It!" even before I get started, and will lovingly warn me that it is coming. I don't want to miss the REAL God anymore. I can hardly contain my joy today. I have found Him!!! I have been singing and dancing all morning." ~ Michelle


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