"Your Desires" Mini Coaching Program

3rd Mini Coaching Program in the
"Making Heart-Level Connections" series

In "Making Heart-Level Connections" mini coaching program, “Your Heart’s Desire”, you will be inspired to learn the source and origin of true desire, and encouraged to awaken any repressed desire. Marilyn Howshall and her co-laborer Barbie Poling will also help you to understand four primary disconnects you may be experiencing in your search for reality and identity in Christ so you can come into experiencing the security that belongs to Christ’s own. They clear up some common misconceptions, including how you may have lost a piece of the real you while being in the wrong employment, and why you seem ill-fitted to the things you join and never really feel like you belong. They help you to discover the true desires of your heart, and how to test the object and purpose of desire, and get you rightly connected to the Lord’s work in you so you can experience His life-giving direction toward your true identity in Christ. This program will leave you no doubt as to who forms desire within your heart, while freeing you to cooperate with God and the inner workings of true desire to bring yours to pass. We hope you will join us in this journey of hope toward fulfilling true desire. †

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Contents of "Your Desires" Package:

• Evaluation Questionnaire

• 8-page eArticle, “The Desires of Your Heart”, by Marilyn Howshall
(in downloadable pdf format)

• 4-Hours Audio Discussions, questions answered, and specific direction
for connecting with the heart-level work of the Holy Spirit.
(in downloadable mp3 format)

• Private Facebook Discussions between the live pilot program
participants and Marilyn and Barbie (74 pgs in downloadable pdf format)

• Follow-Up Questionnaire

• Suggested Order for Proceeding

**You might be tempted to skip filling out the questionnaire, but when you go through these programs, Marilyn strongly encourages you not to abort this vital step. In fact, our moms reported that it caused them to self-examine and see things about themselves they would have missed had they simply been listening to the audios, agreeing with the concepts only on a mental level. Filling out the questionnaires will help you connect to the responses and growth processes inside of you, so you can identify unhealthy ones. This preparation will lend so much more personal meaning when listening to the audios.**

This program has been well-received!
Here's what attendees are saying:

"Marilyn and Barbie, I always feel so much love from you when you are instructing, correcting, clarifying, telling the truth. It helps me to be able to turn to the Lord and trust Him to open my eyes to the hard things (flesh in me) and the good things (life in Him) that He wants to show me. Each call builds hope in me. This hope is real and not something I'm trying to muster up and pretend that it's going to be okay, that I'm going to be okay. Right now I see there in nothing and no one in the way of the changes He wants to bring.…that makes me full of hope. That is where He is leading me. Thank You Lord." ~ Carlise
"I thank God for the privilege to be one of His own chosen ones and to be brought into this season of sobering in Truth and Reality. Wow! Thank you Marilyn, Barbie and Nancy for your specific work on our behalf and thanks to your families for giving you over to this work." ~ Mary
"Marilyn, thank you, thank you for the time you have given to get to know us so that we are not being given a general message. So grateful for all you are doing for me...for us." ~ Rhonda
"This series has been life changing for me and my family. My eyes, heart and spirit has been opened in ways I could only dream before. My home is bursting with love and learning. We are majoring on the majors and see much fruit from it. Because I am now taking my orders from the Lord, thank you Lord!!, my life is full, satisfying and much more peaceful. Do not think that I have arrived. I have not but I am stopping, repenting, taking the time to invest in my families hearts and desires. Now I have been spending time with my heavenly Father finding the real me and remembering my dreams. I did not even remember my dreams. My heart is full. My home is becoming a lovely place because the Lord is now in charge. I am so thankful and appreciative of everything Marilyn and Barbie have done.
I must add that without any thought or planning that my home is more organized and neater. Amazement!! Praise the Lord! Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these shall be added. The adding has begun. Mind you not perfection, just pleasant and inviting and loving. This is key, I am loving, truly loving, my family for the first time in my entire life!! Thank you Lord!!" ~ Sharyn
I can now see, regarding the many desires the Lord has put in my heart, that I was totally leaving God and relationship out. I was mistakenly operating as if it was all mine to do and bring to pass, and it was all too overwhelming. I am so deeply thankful to realize that it is He that will bring the desires He gives to pass, and that my role is simply and wonderfully to seek to know Him more intimately and cooperate with Him more fully. ~ Rosemary

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