Learn More About Lifestyle of Learning™

How Lifestyle of Learning ™ Can Engage Your Child’s Uniqueness

This 14-pg eArticle will help you examine different aspects of your current home education efforts and the current conditions of your family relationships in order to thoughtfully consider the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to educating your family. This article contains the same information as the article entitled "Is Lifestyle of Learning for You?" and “25 Symptoms of Homeschool Burn-Out and Boredom”

6 Lies Homeschoolers Believe—Do You Believe Them?

This 15-pg eArticle leads you through 6 lies that homeschoolers commonly believe about learning. You’ll likely be able to identify these lies at work in your homeschooling ideas, practices, and decisions, so that you can reject them and embrace the truth of how learning works deeply and naturally in the hearts and minds of your children.

7 Locks to Open the Gate that Leads Away to Life

This is a 34-pg eArticle. Are you searching for fun devotional materials to do with your family? Do you know there should be more to the activity of discipling children than just teaching knowledge about God, but don’t know what to do? If you are concerned about your family relationships due to a measure of conflict or resistance, then this article is for you! As you read this message you’ll be drawn in by the personal stories, the narrative, and the testimonies, and encouraged to figuratively open each lock of spiritual truth leading away to abundant life for your family.

Encouragement for New Homeschoolers

Here you can find two brief articles. One gives encouragement and ideas to consider for those who are starting to homeschool their young children, the other article gives encouragement and ideas to consider when you are taking your children out of school in order to homeschool.

A Description of the Theory of Lifestyle of Learning™

This is a 2-page description of Lifestyle of Learning™ and how it differs from traditional school and school at home.

Lifestyle of Learning™ is not Unschooling

This article discusses the differences between Lifestyle of Learning™ and Unschooling. Despite common misconceptions, Lifestyle of Learning™ is not unschooling.

Lifestyle of Learning™ Possesses Biblical Goals, 5-part email series

These articles discuss what makes an education biblical and how what makes the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to home education a biblical education for you and your family.

"Love’s Actions" Discussion Audios

These 2 1-hour audios review the process that Marilyn Howshall, and later with Barbie Poling's help, went through in developing the Love's Actions collection of scriptures and statements. The audio discussion goes on to present some scripture about love and gives example of the contents of the Love’s Actions Seminars available in the eStore.

The Story Behind the Book

In these 2 1-hour audios Marilyn Howshall discusses her motivation for writing her book Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith along with some of the ideas from the book. In the second audio, Marilyn and Barbie Poling discuss some of the blessings and miracles involved in the inspiration for the book.

The Real Gold of Lifestyle of Learning™

This 11-page eArticle is formatted for your binder and filled with nuggets of wisdom about homeschooling, and pieces of Marilyn Howshall's own story illustrating how she came into understanding what God wanted to do in her family. It gives description of the Lifestyle of Learning™ Christian Home Educatiors Association (LOLACHE) web site and member benefits.

Fleshing Out the Processes of Growth and Change

This 5-part message will help you consider your activities in four areas of your family's life in order to successfully implement Lifestyle of Learning™ principles.

Action Steps for Beginners

This 2-hour mp3 audio set addresses the concerns of two moms who are brand new to Lifestyle of Learning™ and provides 3 specific actions to take when you are just beginning to embrace a lifestyle of learning for your family’s education.

"Paradigm Shift" Audios

This 1.5-hour mp3 audio set gives understanding for the big picture of a Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to home education, and gives encouragement and direction for where to begin, and what to expect as your education paradigm is challenged.

Informative Blog Posts on Learning

The Importance of Play – This blog post will lead you to consider the educational value of the process and product of play.

Making Connections with Friends – A two part blog series that will lead you to consider the seeds you are sowing and the fruit you will bear when you adopt our culture’s unbiblical ideas and focus on peer friends for your children.

Much More Than Passing Tests – This blog post discusses the common question parents have about test taking when they consider a lifestyle of learning for their family.

Informative Blog Posts on Family Relationships and Parenting

Peeling Bananas in Secret – This 14 blog post series chronicles the changes the Lord brought in Barbie Poling’s heart as she embraced the principles in Marilyn Howshall’s ebook, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith. Barbie reveals how she became free from being controlled by her husband through stories of steps along the way.

Love Empowers Obedience – This 6 blog post series chronicles the process the Lord led Barbie Poling through as she captured the heart of her 13 year old son whom she had lost to resistance and rebellion because of her own sin toward him. Barbie expresses principles from Marilyn Howshall’s ebook Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith through her stories of the steps along the way.