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• Very Practical Content: 4 ebooks, 10 audios, and 6 transcripts

• Insightful messages that will challenge the way you think about your lifestyle and spur you on toward the changes needed to sow the seeds for the fruit of a true learning process

• Instruction into how to develop routine leading you to focus on education's most essential component: the formation of Christlike character

• Hope for developing your lifestyle and routine for your home education with the goal of developing the tools of learning and a love of learning within your children

• Testimony from moms that gives encouragement, hope, and practical instruction for getting ready and getting started with a lifestyle of learning

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Get Ready, Get Started Packet

Complete Set Contains:

Come Home from Homeschool with Bringing It Home interviews,
ebook, 2 audios and 2 transcripts
Develop Lifestyle Routine with Bringing It Home interviews,
ebook, 2 audios and 2 transcripts
My Journey in Search for the Way with audios,
ebook and 4 audios
Bonus!! Action Steps for Beginners audios with transcripts,
2 audios and 2 transcripts

'Come Home' from Homeschool with Bringing It Home interviews, ebook, 2 audios and 2 transcripts

This book will help you to set in place the lifestyle principles necessary to provide a strong education and unfolding life-purpose for your family. It addresses the importance of the family’s lifestyle as a prime contributor to the parents’ ability to successfully impart biblical values to their children both by modeling and teaching. It also addresses more specifically many lifestyle issues regarding the activities in which we choose to engage outside the home that rob us of the opportunity to develop life-purpose. You will be challenged to wisely proceed with your homeschool and lifestyle activity choices with the understanding that there is a tomorrow, and what we sow today will reap its fruit in due time. A chart is provided to help you evaluate how time is being spent, and in turn come up with a plan to de-junk superfluous activity to prepare your home environment for quality learning.

In the accompanying "Bringing It Home" audio set, Marilyn interviews 3 moms about their home-centered lifestyle. She talks with them about their activities outside the home before they began Lifestyle of Learning™, and how they transitioned to a more home-centered lifestyle. They talk about the fruit in their families in both times. This is a very practical look at the processes of 3 moms, Nancy Blanchard, Michelle Gephart, and Christi Faagau, who each have a different age-set of children.

Develop Lifestyle Routine with Bringing It Home interviews, ebook, 2 audios and 2 transcripts

While this ebook gives a lot of practical advice for developing routine, it really has as its goal an emphasis on character formation, using real life as the stage for your children’s character training. When we engage with our children in daily activities, the training of their character can become our focus in our relationship with them.

With practical charts and suggestions, Marilyn helps you to develop a flexible daily schedule that is compatible with real life using distinctive blocks of time for all important activities and responsibilities, while still maintaining the flexible time needed for the important character training and the development of academic skills. She presents wise guiding principles for each of the six time-blocks that are uniquely suited for specific child training needs.

My Journey in Search for the Way, ebook and 4 audios

This ebook contains the personal account of Marilyn Howshall’s home education journey. It is a testimony of the grace of God and His faithfulness to perform His promises as she submitted her heart and life to Him.

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ll be able to identify with the beginning of Marilyn’s journey as she groped to find a curriculum or method for her children’s education that “worked”. You’ll be inspired as you learn how the Lord led her to develop the Lifestyle of Learning™ message and the specifics of Marilyn’s own self-education that resulted in her ultimately surrendering all to follow the Lord in her homeschooling endeavors. This book is accompanied by 4 audios of Marilyn reading her written testimony. You can read it or listen to it, or do both!

Action Steps for Beginners, 2 audios and transcripts

These audios will give you very down to earth and practical answers for the commonly asked question, “What do I do with my children while I’m trying to read and learn all this?” Marilyn talks with two moms who are brand new to Lifestyle of Learning™, and addresses their current concerns. She goes on to list 3 things to do with your children while you take the time to become educated to the true nature of learning and growth and work at shifting your paradigm away from just-like-school methods and thinking.

Lifestyle of Learning™
Get Ready Get Started Packet

Great Value!! only $46.00

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