We’re happy to provide testimonies of Lifestyle of Learning friends who are on the path of embracing a season-by-season process of bringing growth and change into their families. These are people we know personally and who have received ministry and mentoring directly from the leadership of Lifestyle of Faith Community Church. Their humble process of growth in the living principles of the Gospel is verified by the fruit growing in their family. 

The fruit we’re looking for is the formation of Christlike character. So it's not only vitality and self-government in the learning process that we're looking for, but also heart-level reconciliation between family members who are becoming self-governed in their relationships, dealing with self-centeredness so they can learn how to love much and love well as is Jesus' desire for His church. Our friends would like you to know that, while they are in a humble process of true spiritual growth, they are also acutely aware they are not finished. We give glory to God with them for the great works He continues to do. ~ Marilyn Howshall

Relationship's Importance by Christi Faagau

Spirit Led Education by Nancy Blanchard

The Secret to Successful Homeschooling
by Michelle Gephart

Moms and Kids Testimonies about Lifestyle of Learning™

“I knew I wanted to homeschool long before our son was born. I was introduced to Lifestyle of Learning™ in November 2010. I had already planned on a particular kind of school; sports beginning at the age of 5; music lessons; awana; co-ops; anything that I believed would give my son a rich educational experience. And even though our son is only two years old and I never set any part of my plan in motion, I feel such freedom and relief since being introduced to Lifestyle of Learning.™

I now understand and am fully convinced that my son doesn't need any part of my plan, and neither do I! I never knew there was another way. What a blessing to know that by keeping life simple, we will be able to truly know our son and have a heart level relationship with him. We'll be able to help him develop Christlike character and a love of learning. I have been completely changed by the Lifestyle of Learning™ message. Our family is forever changed and I simply can't find words to express the joy I feel to no longer be in bondage. Thank you Marilyn & Barbie. And thank you, Lord!”  ~ Gretchen Killebrew

"We have been doing Lifestyle of Learning™ for about 9 months now. There have been many wonderful and unexpected blessings. One wonderful blessing for me is the time we have spent on relationships. Not having to be so tied to a curriculum has meant many more hours spent enjoying one another. Another amazing blessing has been my relationship with God, which has grown in intimacy and realness. I feel so dependent on Him as we live our lives together. I am no longer following someone else’s plans for school and life...but going straight to God to be led by His Holy Spirit. It has been a gradual journey, but such a liberating one. Now that I am on this path, I can never see myself turning back.

This verse sums up the transformation:
'Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.' Matthew 11:29-30"   ~ Deb

“I must say that the last 16 months have been so enlightening and taken so much weight off of my shoulders I can't help but be joyful!! It's always been on my heart to educate my family differently.

When my oldest was about 3-years-old, I purchased an entire Christian kindergarten curriculum that was recommended by my friend. I watched her at work with it. It looked and seemed overwhelming watching her do school with her child. I remember picking up the manual a couple of times and I never could grasp the idea of me studying so hard to teach my little one.

I felt guilty off and on for many years wondering if I'm covering my bases. Out of that guilt I joined a little co-op. Then I joined a big co-op. The yearning never went away and I kept believing there must be something different.

I always felt at peace when our co-op commitments ended and I dreaded them starting again, but I felt obligated to continue, especially for specific subjects.

Now I know why my heart was so unsettled. God was leading me in a different direction. I just didn’t know it was God. My days were overwhelming and chaotic before. Now they are becoming less so as I obey in the practical things as well as obeying the Holy Spirit in my own study and in the change of my heart attitudes.

I feel such freedom as my questions about Lifestyle of Learning™ are answered. It always confirms what was unsettled in my heart. Like the answer was there all along but I had been taught something different my whole life. Hearing the loving, wise instruction in these matters lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders every time!

I still don’t know what each day will look like for our family but I’m not overwhelmed about it anymore.” ~ Tara Allman

“I can't even put into words the feeling of freedom in knowing for the first time ever since starting homeschooling 7 years ago that I am finally going in the right direction. I am seeing positive affirmation in every step and thought that I put into practice. No more second guessing or doubting and wavering with every decision. It’s completely amazing! Add to that the fact that I have a place to come and share what I am learning and how I am growing with other families that are on the same path and it just doesn't get much better than that.” ~ Cassandra

"I just had to share this...since I've so recently 'come home from homeschool'!! Yesterday, my children were running around praising God for their newfound freedom (literally too)! My daughter says, "There are SO many things I've been wanting to do; I really don't know where to begin." It brought tears to my eyes! Throughout the course of the day, my son managed to work on his tree fort (of which he even had drawn up plans for that I had never even seen). He also spent three hours working on a science project that he said he's been dying to try out but never had time. My younger two created the most amazing creations out of paper I've EVER seen (with a huge mess of paper strung all over our patio; of which they would normally never be allowed to do because of the 'time factor' of course), and my middle daughter finally had time to be in the kitchen (her dream come true). She and I talked while making applesauce (we even had to laugh over the fact that we picked these apples a week ago, but couldn't even 'find' the time to make the sauce). She made homemade ice-cream, lunch and even a surprise dessert for us all last night. I cannot even express the amount of joy that is in my heart right now. I can literally feel the delight of the Father...that I've finally chosen to LIVE! Amazing!" ~ Teri

“I think school work would make my head hurt. Lifestyle of Learning™ is fun because I don't have to do textbooks and workbooks. I get to do what interests me. I get to build with LEGOs, design video games, draw, and make movies.” ~ Josiah Poling, age 14

“I love Lifestyle of Learning™ because I have time to ride horses, make webpages, sew, knit, and dance to my heart's content!” ~ Abby Lama, age 14

“I can remember being really excited when my mom told me I no longer had to do certain subjects, that I could just do what I loved to do (which at the time was making lists and copying text, something I now get paid to do). Before Lifestyle of Learning™ I always felt like I had to do what I was “supposed to” before I could enjoy what I wanted to do. It was such a relief to be freed from that expectation.” ~ Amy Lama, age 26

“I was excited to see that there is something more out there than just sitting in class eight hours a day which I did up until the Howshalls adopted me when I was 15. I have loved being home educated with the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach because it developed in me a love to learn, and gave me skills I wouldn't have otherwise had.” ~ Jennifer Howshall, age 28

“Lifestyle of Learning™ principles enabled my mom to validate, at an important time in my life, her decision to allow me to pursue my own delight-directed learning. As a result, I came to adulthood with a rich and varied learning experience that I have no intention of leaving behind me. I am still educating myself, and always will be, in many fields, including languages, mathematics, science, music, and philosophy/theology.

Thanks to the love of learning that my own lifestyle of learning kindled in me, I will always view the world as a fascinating place, and always have the confidence that I can find out anything that I need to know.

Most importantly, Lifestyle of Learning™ principles have supported growth and change in my family relationships. Today, at age 31, I enjoy my parents and five younger siblings and have no intention of 'going off to do my own thing' even when I get married. Instead, I know that my family relationships will only deepen through the years as I continue to walk in them. I credit Lifestyle of Learning™ principles with helping me understand the centrality of relationships to life.” ~ Mark Lama, age 31

“I’m so grateful to have had the Lifestyle of Learning™ process in my life. It has enabled me to succeed in learning anything I need or want to learn, whether it be pursuing my own interests at home, earning a bachelor’s degree, or building a business.  As I started college at age 16 I was not behind. Instead, I found myself ahead of the other college students in my ability to learn and communicate, and several of my professors commented to that effect. I’m so grateful to have such strong relationships with my family; they are my best friends. I see my peers starting life out on their own, building their life from scratch, struggling through a system that has destroyed their ability to learn, and I am sad for them. I feel so blessed to have been spared from that and placed on a foundation that will allow me to fulfill God’s purpose for my life.” ~ Rachel Poling, age 19

“I liked being able to find out as much as I wanted to about the things I was really interested in—like the American Civil War, guns, military uniforms, WWII planes, and steam engines.” ~ John Lama, age 19

“When I was younger, I had the time to explore almost everything that interested me. I found out what I like doing the most–blacksmithing, drumming, and computer programming. As a teen, I've had the time to develop a lot of skill in these areas, which is fun and satisfying. I'm glad my mom learned about Lifestyle of Learning™.” ~ Peter Lama, age 17

“I like doing the things I'm interested in. I get to spend all day learning through things that I like to do. I like how much time I have to write stories, read good books, knit, dance, make music, cross-stitch, and make movies with my siblings. I think that school at home would be overwhelming. I wouldn't like to cram my brain full of facts using textbooks and curriculum. Instead, I absorb facts through my interests often without even realizing it. I'm really glad that I know how to learn. I'm confident that if I needed or wanted to, I could learn anything because I understand how to teach myself.” ~ Annie Poling, age 15

“What I liked about being raised with Lifestyle of Learning™ was the time and freedom to explore what motivated me. What motivated most all of my childhood activities was my interest in farming. I would simulate farming in many different ways, pretending that my bike was a tractor and I would spend many hours riding around the driveway pulling implements. I loved to be as realistic as I could, riding the same distance as the neighbor's fields and following their seasons. Another favorite activity was pushing 1/64th scale farm machines across the kitchen floor, especially in the winter when it was too cold to ride my bike. Another expression was gardening. I enjoyed helping my mom and brother plant, weed, and harvest and also had my own little plots. I also loved to read farm magazines and machinery brochures and spent many hours watching the neighbors work their fields.

Looking back, I realize how important it was to me that my Mom never treated my play as unimportant or a waste of time; how that allowed me to explore, imagine, and create as much as I did; and how that led to getting my first farming job when I was 16. Now as a young adult I'm getting to do everything and more that I dreamed of as a kid.” ~ Nathan Lama, age 22

“I really like Lifestyle of Learning ™ because I get to pursue my interests. I get to write stories, make movies, use movie editing software, dance, and read. I'm so glad we don't do school at home because I think it would be boring and I would get in trouble a lot because I wouldn't want to do all that overwhelming stuff.” ~ Lizzy Poling, age 12