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Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling


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Wisdom for Writing, 3 audio set with transcripts

Loaded with lots of practical wisdom for
all aspects of the writing process!

Discussions include the importance of helping your children develop good routine habits of writing practice, and how to combine the need for writing practice with your children's favorite interests. The audios were recorded for the "Interest Blast" Conference Calls and provided free for LOLACHE Members.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 1

In the context of discussing a few specific children's interests (cars, art, drawing) and how to incorporate them with gaining writing skill, Marilyn explains how to make corrections on written work, and how to lead your children to write and to want to write even when they are reluctant or burned out from past schoolish efforts. Marilyn and her guest, Christi Faagau, talk about the importance of knowing your children deeply and understanding what they know in order to help them increase in their writing skills.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 2

In the context of discussing a few specific children's interests (LEGOs, jumping and climbing), Marilyn and Barbie provide practical wisdom for many aspects of leading your children to develop their ability to write and good habits of writing. They also provide insight into the different ways children approach the same interests and how their unique approach to an interest influences what they would choose to write about.

Interest Blast—Wisdom for Writing, audio 3

In the context of children's interests in movies, interior decorating, and hand crafts, (which includes knitting, sewing, cooking, baking), Marilyn and Barbie discuss the character required for the writing process, along with ideas and instruction for bringing interests to the table for writing practice. Presented are practical steps to move from the very early stages of writing toward more mature writing processes.

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“It has been an amazing and wonderful transformation as we have implemented the Lord's ways and sought to foster an individualized, whole-person education for our children. I am still dumbfounded that my now 17-yr-old daughter writes prolifically and speaks of getting published. This is so shocking because I could not get her to produce so much as a paragraph without a process like pulling teeth as late as 13-14 years old! I treated her unhappiness with writing as an obedience issue and I felt she would grow by being made to complete her assignments and learn to not give up. My poor little girl! Because I was not relating rightly with her and because of her perfectionism, writing soon evolved into a great struggle. When I began loving her and allowing her delights to emerge, and I stopped squelching them by trying to take them over and make them schoolish, she exploded with inner drive to improve and educate herself in her writing!"
~ Julie M

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